Step 1: Consultation

  • Schedule a consultation with you in at the site to be remodeled to chat about your project objectives, ideas, wishes and must have’s.
  • Look at the area where the project will take place to achieve a greater understanding of your style to guarantee uniformity with the new remodeling project and initiate brainstorming concepts with you.
  • Talk about the next steps and what to anticipate should you decide to use our remodeling services.

Step 2: Planning & Agreement

  • Deliver an estimate, at times with multiple possibilities and explore concepts and costs.
  • Assist with material choices based on your budget.
  • Finalize the concepts and scope of the remodeling project to create a final estimate and all-inclusive agreement.
  • Ordering all the required materials to initiate the remodeling project.
  • Conduct a pre-construction consultation.

 Step 3: Construction

  • Cover floorings and furniture
  • Ensure all the tools are put away and the area of the home project swept daily.
  • Work on the remodeling project as per estimate.
  • Continuously dialog with clients to ensure no changes are necessary.
  • Concluding walkthrough

Remodeling Considerations

Traffic Patterns - Traffic should flow to one side of the room rather than through its center.

Kitchen Considerations - Location of the kitchen should have direct access to the dining area and garage where grocery items can be unloaded conveniently. Larger kitchens have a greater resale value than smaller kitchens.

Foundations - Poured concrete is the most expensive foundation and best choice for full basements because of its strength and resistance to leaks.


Private Areas - Bedrooms and bathrooms should be separated visually from the working areas of the house.

Energy Efficiency - There are some energy efficient products on the market that can reduce your energy costs and keep you more comfortable. With the drought in California we recommend recirculating hot water pumps.

Bedrooms - not less than 7 feet in any direction.

Closets - depth at 24 inches or more

Hallways - minimum width 3 feet