Affordable Remodeling in the East Bay.

The price of each job is based on the cost of the job, but our prices are typically 10% - 20% lower than most other contractors.  You may wonder why this is the case? Our team is comprised of experts and as a result we typically finish jobs faster than others.  Our high level of expertise and quicker turn around means more savings for you.

'Update Tracking System' sets Fierro Construction apart from crowd.

What makes Fierro Construction the general contractor of choice is the utilization of an update tracking system.  We have a custom webpage just for your project.  We upload photos of the progress to your specific webpage and update you via text message, email, or phone throughout various stages to ensure 100% satisfaction. You may want modifications throughout the way - this is totally normal.  By communicating with you at each step of the way, we can adapt to changing needs at key points in the construction process.