Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. The next step in home ownership is checking off all of the items on the daunting pest report. Not to worry.  Most of the items listed on there with the corresponding prices to make the repairs are not as expensive to fix as you might think. We can typically make all of the same repairs and save you 20% off of the pest report price. Give us a call today to find out how you can save on making needed repairs to your property.

What is a pest report?

Often referred to as a "Termite Report," the Structural Pest Control Inspection Report is conducted  prior to the sale of the property to notify the purchaser about pests, fungus, or other organisms on the property that may be creating (or likely will create) structural concerns.   Pest reports can cost anywhere from $250 - $500, but it may be more for a larger home.

The inspection company will document problem areas in the house and will provide you an estimate of house much they charge make the necessary fixes.  Fierro Construction can typically beat these prices by 20%.  And any savings after putting down so much on a house is super helpful. After all, there will be so many more costs to think about down the road (new appliances, renovations, sewer lateral compliance, etc.)



The pest report can be deceiving.  Sometimes the inspector may not be able to inspect areas because they are obstructed or hard to get to. As you can see from the first picture in the gallery below, you may be surprised down the road because you will need more repairs than you thought you needed. That's why having a trusted general contractor like Fierro Construction is so important.  We are affordable and upfront about pest report concerns.

What is a Section 1 repair?

Section 1 conditions are those which are "active", or currently causing more damage to the property.

What is a Section 2 repair?

Those which are not currently causing damage, but are likely to, if left unattended. A typical Section 2 item is a plumbing leak where the moisture has not yet caused fungus decay.

Additional Information:

For a document about Pest Reports and your rights as a buyer, check out the Department of Pesticide Regulation’s Q&A document found here:

In California, The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Structural Pest Control Board website has the pdf pamphlet, which includes the Structural Pest Control Act (SPCA). The SCPA pamphlet contains laws, rules and regulations that govern the issuance of structural pest control licenses and establishes the standards and performance requirements for licensees.  The act can be found here: